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boitalett.re ٩(^ᴗ^)۶

A private email provider

This is a private email service provider. It is located in France, and so all data.

If you want to get a mailbox, please use the mailto form

If you want to report an abuse, please email at abuse@boitalett.re

Service details

Please read the following rules before requesting a mailbox:

Your part

  1. Be aware that is an hobbyist service. Don't expect the same scaling as Google or Microsoft.
  2. Be sure about incoming email source before downloading an attachement from an email. No antivirus here.
  3. Abuse/illegal behavior will result in a instant mailbox deletion and a detailled report (ip included) to French authorities.
  4. If you don't need your mailbox anymore, contact me as soon as possible to let another user use the service (~1600 mailboxes available)
  5. Mailboxes are restricted to physical persons and human-sized moral persons (<= 10). If you match the latter, you will be asked for your company identification number.
  6. One mailbox per entity (human or moral) but unlimited aliases.

Service part

  1. Your data stays on the server located in France. It will be never sold/given to anyone except you.
  2. The service will use encryption and do security monitoring.
  3. The service will alert you in this page of any scheduled maintenance or technical issues on time.
  4. The offer will never change in your disaventage. (More features != more costs)
  5. RGPD law is appliable.
  6. If you delete your mailbox, you will get an archive with your mailbox content (deleted emails are not backuped) and your data from database.

If you accept those rules, here's the detail of what you'll get:

Service status

Current issues

No actual issues

Scheduled maintenance


Technical details

MX Server IP IMAPS SMTP (Submission) SMTP (Transport)
mail.boitalett.re 993 587 25+STARTTLS