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boitalett.re ٩(^ᴗ^)۶

A private email provider

Request process

After you requested a mailbox via the form below, your request will be queued. Please be aware that all requests are human-processed by me and cannot be completed in a couple of minutes.

Generally speaking, ~24h max to process your request.

If your request is not granted, you'll get a response and a reason. If your request is granted, you'll receive a unique temporary password that I invite you to change immediately from the webmail interface (settings > password).

When you will log into the webmail for the first time, you will see a mail containing a unique rescue password. It will be asked if you forget your password or request a RGPD extract. Please store this password in a secure place and remove the mail (including Trash directory) when done.

If you forget your password, email me to postmaster@boitalett.re with the same email address that you have used to make the request, including the boitalett.re email address of your mailbox to rescue and the rescue password (not your account password!). If any of those conditions can't be met, sorry, but all your data will be immediately erased and you will loose your access for security sake.

After you got your mailbox, if you need aliases, email me at postmaster@boitalett.re from your boitalett.re mailbox. Alias requests from any other location will be simply ignored.

Request form

By submitting a request, you agreed the terms above and rules from the index page.

Fill required fields (and optional if relevant), then your browser will ask you for which client mail to use.

The mail will be pre-filled, don't edit the body (invalid request), just check info and send the mail.